Arc Flash Compliance

February 21, 2019

Site Electric Services specializes in providing cost effective arc flash compliance and electrical safety consultation in the San Francisco Bay area. We are a group engineers, designers, and electricians focused on bringing only the most practical solutions to our customers.

Our Arc Flash and compliance solutions are tailored to your organization to meet your goals and stay within your budget.

Services offered:

  • Power System Modeling
  • Arc Flash Reporting & Labeling
  • Single Line Drawing Development
  • Electrical Safety Program Development
  • Safe Electrical Work Procedures
  • Electrical Safety Training (NFPA 70E and/or tailored to your safety program)

Site Electric Services will provide turn-key solutions for Arc Flash compliance or can assist organizations in building their own electrical safety program and expertise internally.

The enforceable Arc Flash compliance requirement in California is based on Department Industrial Relations regulation Title 8 – Subchapter 5 – Group 1 – Article 3 – Regulation 2320.11 for Low Voltage and Regulation 2940.11 for High Voltage

“For each employee exposed to hazards from electric arcs, the employer shall make a reasonable estimate of the incident heat energy to which the employee would be exposed.”

Site Electric Services will provide a detailed proposal for the scope of services requested. The list below represents the typical scope and deliverables provided to our customers.

Typical Arc Flash Labeling Compliance Services

Tasks / Deliverables:

  • Field Data Collection performed by Site Electric at facility location
  • Customer provides electrician familiar with the facility to coordinate opening and shutdown of any equipment if needed.
  • Datasheet Development
  • A unique datasheet for each piece of equipment documented during site visit will be created for future use by the facilities maintenance department.
  • Single Line Update
  • Single Lines provided will be red lined as part of the data collection process
  • Power System Modeling
  • Single Line Model
  • Time Current Curve and Coordination
  • Utility Short Circuit Current Information Request
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Based on IEEE1584 Standard
  • Tailored arc flash analysis based on customer operations and maintenance practices.
  • Arc Flash Report
  • Clearly stated assumptions and operating conditions.
  • Identification of High Arc Flash equipment and proposed mitigations
  • Arc Flash Labeling
  • Compliant Arc Flash 4”x6” all weather Warning and Danger Labels
  • Installation by facility personnel
  • On-call arc flash reporting for abnormal operating conditions and updates for 1 year.
  • 5-year compliance update performed at discount rate. Typical 40% of original cost.
  • Assumes minor changes to power system.

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