Adding Electrical Loads, Power Monitoring, and Electrical Load Studies

July 2, 2023

Adding Electrical Loads, Power Monitoring, and Electrical Load Studies

In any commercial or industrial facility, the addition of equipment or change in process will affect the total electrical loading of the electrical system and its components. For installations that require permitting and approval by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) such as a local city or county building department, they will need to know the calculated or measured peak load on the system to ensure that it is not being overloaded.

For new facilities this is typically an easy task because panel schedules and load calculations are typically available and new loads can be easily added to the panel and load calculations updated to account for the additional load. For existing facilities this can be more difficult depending on the complexity of the electrical system. Often the electrical contractor can use Utility usage data which will provide the 15 min average demand over the year, or they will need to calculate the loads based on NEC requirements which can be cumbersome, inaccurate, or not feasible depending on the size of the facility.

Site Electric Service provides temporary power monitoring and load studies which simplifies the data collection and calculations a meets NEC 220.87 requirements to obtain a permit and get your project completed.

We work with end-users and contractors alike to install temporary power metering equipment which typically will stay in place for 30 days to get an accurate snapshot of power usage. The data is then analyzed and the peak average demand over 15 mins is used to calculate equipment loading.

If you are a contractor or end-user in need of a load study or electrical drawings for permit, please reach out to us for your next project.

Temporary Power Monitor Installation

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